Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why a Baby Tutu Makes a Great Baby Shower Gift!

I get this question all the time: Why would I buy a baby a tutu??

I'd like to give you a great answer!! Besides the fact that your Baby Tutu will be the best, most beautifully wrapped present there, imagine that a Baby Tutu is a wonderful, creative way to capture the growth of your baby on film! Most new parents stick to the three month rule for Baby's first year - every 3 months you have portraits taken. After all, babies change so much those first 12 months!!

Here's what we suggest:

Newborn Photos (within the first two weeks of life): Dress your new arrival in a Baby Tutu wrapped around her chest and a diaper only. How precious she would be asleep on her belly with her arms and legs under her and her beautiful tutu puffed up abover her!

3 Month Photos: Your Princess is probably much more alert now, but not quite ready to sit up. Dress her in her Baby Tutu and diaper again and prop her up so you can capture her beautiful eyes as she's dazzled by her fluffy mess of beautiful tulle! Maybe you can even help her find her tiny toes hidden under her Tutu.

6 Month Photos: By now, your little Lady is probably mastering sitting on her own. Imagine what gorgeous memories you could capture as she's dazzled and intrigued by her Tutu!

9 Month Photos: Has your Baby Girl started to stand on her own yet? I bet her personality is really starting to shine! Add some personal touches to her Tutu ensemble, maybe some tights and a onsie. I bet you could get some beautiful pictures of her totting around!

1 Year Photos: You probably think your Princess is ALL grown up! Pair her Tutu with some stylish leggings and a shirt that shows just how grown up she is! Let her dance around and snap photos as she shines in her moment!

What you've created is a beautiful timeline of your Princess' first year that you'll treasure for years!! A Baby Tutu is the perfect prop to highlight your little one's first year of changes.

Consider Tiny Tutus the next time you're invited to PINK Baby Shower!

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