Sunday, January 25, 2009

Making a Change

Due to misrepresentation of intention, we have made a hard decision to only accept payment in the form of PayPal transactions. We put a lot of love and care into making custom tutus that you, our customers, dream up in your head. It is unfair that we sometimes spend time creating Tutus that we do not receive payment for. Therefore, the best solution is to only accept PayPal.
We're terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
*Individual considerations may be given on a necessary basis.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Valentine's Day is Coming Fast!!

Don't think that just because we haven't posted in a while we aren't busy shipping out Tutus!! Jamie and I have been working hard on some orders as well as getting some pre-mades done!

As you can tell we're ready for Valentine's Day too!! So here's the deal - if you place your Valentine's Day order before January 28th and use PayPal, your Tutu is guaranteed to be shipped by February 10th!! That means you'll have a beautifully wrapped Tiny Tutu for that special Valentine's Day Princess of yours! <3

We can't wait to start working on a custom Tutu for you! We suggest pinks, whites, reds, ivories and lavendars as great colors for a Valentine's Day Tutu! Add a little *sparkle* or some extra ~ribbon~ to make it your very own! Happy Valentine's Day to you all and Thank You for your support!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

You've Got Options!

Tiny Tutus currently offers many options for you to customize your tutu. When ordering please specify the following:

Waist Band: Elastic or Ribbon

An elastic waist band requires that the Princess step into her tutu, which allows her to dress up without the assistance of a King or Queen. A ribbon waist band allows moderate adjustment but requires a beautiful bow to be tied each time the Princess dresses.

Tulle: Even Length or Random Length

Your Princess can have many different looks by choosing tulle options. Even length cut means that the bottom of your tutu matches all the way around for a flawless finish! Random length cut gives your tutu a more diverse edge…literally!


We love to be creative, so ask us to add any of the following:
Sparkling Jewels on your tutu’s tresses add just the right amount of BLING!
Streaming Ribbons add an elegant touch for that sophisticated Princess look!
Flower Petals are the perfect addition for the Woodland Fairy appeal!

About the Owners

About the owners of Tiny Tutus:
Jamie is a SAHM of two beautiful little girls, Isabelle (3 yrs) and Norah (1 yr). Her passions include her family, photography and friendships. Although she's part owner of Tiny Tutus, she also owns her own photography business, Lasting Impressions by Jamie Lynne. If you're anywhere in Oklahoma or northern Texas, its worth a trip to see her! Jamie's passion for her baby girls prompted her to start making tutus and pass along the craft to Amanda.

Amanda is also a SAHM, with one sassy girl, Bryanna (4 yrs) and boy trouble on two legs, Izaiah (1 yr). Amanda is also a full-time student and beauty consultant. Her passions are her family, being creative and working with finances. She fell madly in love with the Tutu Jamie made for Bryanna and began making them for friends in Alaska! The rest is history...

Together, we are Tiny Tutus. The place where a girl can get her TUTU on! We custom make Tutus for little girls of all ages! Adorned with beautiful satin ribbon and clean cut tulle, your Tutu will arrive beautifully wrapped, hung on a custom Tiny Tutus hanger. It's the perfect gift for that special little girl in your world!